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Waiting On Fries: EP004

• January 27th, 2020 •

Rocco DiLeo is responsible for, most nationally notable - some of the Bar Taco and Barcelona restaurant build outs. As an architect he discusses strategies in restaurant design, the road to develop business from nothing, and how flow works in a design.... Part 2 of the episode will air shortly, be sure to subscribe to the channel for updates.

We take a voicemail on tipping industry peers, a yelp review from an angry guest that took matters into her own hands, and a failed service at the Cheesecake Factory.

"Episode 4: Designing Restaurants w/ Architect Rocco DiLeo, Service Step Fails, Tipping the Bill"

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  • Waiting On Fries: EP003

    • January 20th, 2020 •

    After Anum put the call in to Jorge Pabon at Manhatta Restaurant in New York City, it was agreed we should have a sit down and talk about what it's like being the Chef De Cuisine, the day to day operations he is responsible for, plating trends, and so much more. We trimmed this interview down to fit for time, however - the full interview is able to be found on the podcast home page as bonus content. It really was a fantastic conversation piece.

    "Episode 3: Chef De Cuisine Jorge Pabon of Manhatta, Intoxicated Guests, New Restaurant Service Tax"

    We realize that people are going to yelp. It isn't going to stop anytime soon. However, it really isn't fair to the businesses when yelpers are so gung-ho on hitting the publish button on their restaurant takedown piece - but for the love of god. Please make sure you are shooting at the right restaurant if your gripe is legit!

    A voicemail came in that brought up tipping and how restaurants differ between tipping inclusion and tipping not being included. We begin to talk on the restaurant tax that is occuring in areas all over the United States.

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  • Waiting On Fries: EP002

    • January 13th, 2020 •

    This week really covers some great topics that owners struggle with consistently in the slower seasons. We invited Kyle Inserra who's a Restaurant Real Estate Specialist on the show to talk about some of the things that owners overlook when they are going into a space, what restaurant owners are saying about the economy, and how to pay attention to the lease verbiage with a proper lawyer.

    "Episode 2: Restaurant Real Estate Specialist Kyle Inserra, Increasing Instagram Engagement, and How to Increase Business in the Slow Season"

    So many owners are going through the same thing after the holiday and new years; an empty restaurant or bar. It doesn't have to be, but you have to be proactive in creating ways for your clients to stay engaged and continue their travels to your location.

    Someone left us a voicemail about their Instagram account not seeing any real growth so we tackle some of the tips and tricks we've used over the years to build and sustain engagement and a following on Instagram.

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  • Unintentional Timing!

    • January 3rd, 2020 •

    We swear this timing is quite unintentional. None of this new year, new us garbage. This is a project that started about a year and change ago that got shuffled under the table from the minds of three guys that have similar but unique perspectives on this industry. To be exact, we encompass the Front of House, the Back of House, and the godamn House itself.

    "Episode 1: Sustainability, New Restaurant Build, Voicemails"

    Expect to find a combination of light banter and strong gems through this 45 minute conversation through maintaining sustainable practices, Justin's opening of the new and improved Smokehouse and the throughts that go into building for the future, as well as a Voicemail segment in which a new manager is having issues changing the staffs ideas of the business as they've banned together to prevent changes. You won't want to miss the fuck yelp segment either as this owner has some words for her guests. #watchmewin!

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