Who are we?

We live in the bar and restaurant

To make things very easy to understand, we're a couple of guys who met years ago working with each other on and off again as we have and continue to pursue our desires through bar and restaurants. This has given much perspective and opportunity in seeing the things done well and things done not so well through various bars and restaurants. We're guiding you through things we see and incur in our day to day operations - and hopefully give you insight to this industry.

Justin Zeyto owns Smokehouse, a BBQ stable in Westchester County New York. About to re-open a new and improved second location next to Iona College he boasts 50% of his restaurant sales as take out. Clever branding has put Smokehouse on the map as a desired location to watch the games with a rare craft pint of beer and a phenomenal rack of ribs. Anum Bandelle is the Barbados king you've been waiting for. A true threat in the back of the house who has worked with Smokehouse for years and recently taken part in the extremely well known Manhatta in New York City. His culinary skills are a spectacle equivelant to watching the lights become lit at your favorite decorated Christmas house on the block. Justin Benfaida knows a thing or two about bar service and operations working every role in the front of the house. In addition to being very involved on the bar side, he's also contributed to restaurants through graphic design in the way of menu, logo, and overall branding experiences.

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