You’re likely thinking, “who the hell are these guys and why should I listen to any of these episodes”? And that’s fine. There’s an increasing amount of podcasts circling through every subject under the sun and now more than ever quality content stands out.

We’ve spent so much time between the kitchen, the expo line, the bar, and the floor that some answers have been figured out over the years to the questions that once racked out brains. We each have our viewpoints on how operations should be carried out and they aren’t always the same.

You’ll find less bickering, less talking over each other and more gems through our episodes. We’re not here for inside jokes about restaurants or complaining about bar guests. We’ve spent enough time within the walls of restaurants to thoroughly understand hospitality and all in which the word means.

Waiting on Fries is ultimately what happens when distractions and negligence occur while serving tables. Sometimes there’s only one way to buy a few more minutes when you’ve just realized you forgot to put in someone’s order at the POS, and that’s to apologize and let them know that the food will be up in a minute, and you’re just Waiting on Fries.

Justin “Jae” Benfaida – Owner of Cocktail Garnish Co. & On-Premise Account Manager NYC

Spending a significant portion of time in morning radio working with some of the best names in the business, worlds began to collide as terrestrial radio died and podcasts became prevalent. All the while staying within the hospitality world and creating an ecosystem that feeds each other, Jae focuses on the frameworks of business to identify areas of weakness, strengths, and where improvements may provide value.

Justin Zeytoonian – Owner of Smokehouse Tailgate Grille, New Rochelle, NY

Responsible for a staff of about 45 people across two restaurant locations, Justin opened Smokehouse Tailgate Grill in 2007 and began to create a “non” traditional smokehouse. The “Make it nice” attitude is something that Justin harnesses throughout everything that he does and passing down value is one of his greatest business traits. He believes that putting out a quality product will create long term success, and it’s showing.