Ep 76: Talking Hospitality & Team Building with Kris Baljak

Kris Baljak puts the guest first at Oscar Wilde while growing a team of leaders. Hospitality is something when it comes to providing a guest experience and if there's one thing that Kris Baljak knows it's how to assemble a team of experts and deploy them to do what they do best. "Getting in the…Read more

Ep 75: BATHROOMS – The most under-looked area of the restaurant.

Perhaps one of the last thought about spaces within a restaurants design plan but a guaranteed stop during a dining experience, we're jumping into the bathroom today. Justin thought it would be a great idea to actually record this episode of Waiting on Fries in the bathroom but we quickly realized that bathrooms and echoes go hand in hand.Read more

Ep 74: JUST THE TIP – How the dollars get distributed

After working for years behind bars and serving tables we've seen the tip laws change quite a few times over the years and we've come to agree with each other that many people don't understand the legalities of tipping pools. Fortunately Justin Zeytoonian has quite the tipping knowledge considering he's been operating his BBQ Restaurant, Smokehouse Tailgate Grill for years.Read more

Ep 73: TRAINING FOH + BOH – Process of a 5 day training period

What's your training process with your staff while onboarding? We take you through Justin's process he uses for both of his Smokehouse Tailgate Grill locations.Training manuals are highly underrated, so much that we keep the ones we've received through our bar and restaurant careers tucked away in a safe space where they won't be risked…Read more
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