How often do you look at your full dining experience?

We don’t mean watch it. We mean experience it. We often forget how everything started and the original ideas and plans as time progresses. Orchestrating the dining experience is similar to the tectonic plates slowly moving over time we simply don’t see the movement as it occurs. This process is the same for anything really, including your restaurant and bar. Seeing and being a part of the day to day operations can often blind you to the miniature changes that are occur creating new “acceptable standards”.

A couple of touchpoints during your restaurant visit we discuss and dive a bit deeper into:
• The entry greeting (often by a host/hostess)
• Arriving at your table
• Ordering process
• Meal arrival
• Dessert process
• Closing out your check

We’ll discuss in greater depth ways to increase the check along the way towards the final destination, pros and cons of which way to present service, and tips to not sink your restaurant over the course of time.