Don’t we all dream of building such a great bar and restaurant that someone else wants to acquire it?

We travel a bit further upstream to speak with Matt Stanczak who currently has a restaurant called “Good Old Days” in Newtown, CT. Not only do they have a full restaurant on the main floor boasting wonderful pizza – but there’s a cocktail dungeon on the lower level where you can get well made liquids!

Matt is a firm believer in a “Detroit Style” pizza. Although it’s arguable that this type of pizza is a long way from home, the reception on his pizzas has been quite well received. But Stanczak isn’t a first time owner or just learning how to create what he thinks is a great pizza – he sold his previous restaurant, Stanziato’s.

After talking with Matt for a while we get to the bottom of what it takes to sell years of hard work and what goes into the patience of waiting until you can rebuild your next business. Good Old Days is the result of a ton of hard work and forming a strong team that is eager to learn and continue to push the local market further with technical drinks and great food.