The life of a firefighter is filled with cooking for a large crowd – did you know that?

When Fork & Hose was born, AJ Fusco found a way to record his love for food and cooking. Showcasing not only what is made from within the firehouse but also what he gets to go have when in the streets.

Social Media and Food Accounts are synonymous with each other and have the ability to drive sales and traffic to bars and restaurants with little effort past a few photos, a video, and actually getting to eat some of the foods. What AJ does differently is take submitted photos from firefighters in the other houses around the nation and highlight their talents and abilities.

AJ talks with us about getting heckled in the kitchen by the rest of the firefighters on duty while producing meals for everyone, how he got started in cooking, and sometimes having to remove a team member from duty if their cooking skills aren’t up to par.