We’re replacing all of the staff with robots and there’s nothing you can do about it!

When it comes to creating a leaner cash sheet and minimizing overhead costs one of the easiest things to do is automate the process where you can. This isn’t new news for anybody though as jobs have been consistently replaced with machinery for decades. We get to chat about a restaurant that’s almost fully automated and discuss some of the pros and cons of doing such.

Inter-connectivity with wifi and bluetooth is ever increasing and billions of dollars have been spent to advance the abilities of having an ever connected establishment. Can the grill top talk to the fryer and let it know in how much time will a burger be ready?

Chef Noomz thinks there will never be a world where he could be replaced by a robot, and we beg to differ as technology continues to advance with more reliable output. If it isn’t the chef who is replaced – is there a way to automate the payment counters, the prep work, the servers? Let’s take a look!