Rule #1: Bodies bring bodies

What’s worse than outdoor dining vestibules as the only way we were able to support our businesses throughout the pandemic? An empty outdoor dining vestibule that does nothing but cost you dollars and provide a negative perception to your bar or restaurant.

As the pandemic evolved in the bar and restaurant spaces we began to learn how to lean into the world around us. What began as small constructed vestibules for both increasing our occupancy rates and increasing potential revenue quickly evolved into a game of “who can set up the best outdoor area”.

Partitions, planters, quality tables became a standard outside of restaurants to showcase their strengths and power in quality design. We get to talk about presentation and risk of presentation a bit through the show when it comes to setting tables outside.

Most of our conversation is centered around NYC rules and regulations considering where we live, however, many of these rules are similar in many spaces and the question all remains the same – how long will the cities allow us to have these large structures taking up parking spaces through cities?