What’s your training process with your staff while onboarding? We take you through Justin’s process he uses for both of his Smokehouse Tailgate Grill locations.

Training manuals are highly underrated, so much that we keep the ones we’ve received through our bar and restaurant careers tucked away in a safe space where they won’t be risked getting lost. After operating the Smokehouse for over 8 years Justin has perfected the formula in getting his staff onboarded to his team.

We discuss why 5 days is the optimum time frame to train for Justin inside his restaurant and how other restaurants deploy other training periods and strategies. How often does your staff understand your bar and restaurant’s culture and ingredients? How well do they know the cocktails and beers? Can they upsell to patrons that are visiting to provide not only a great experience but also an increase to the balance sheet?

Reluctantly – we attempt to speed this process up as staff is hard enough to find. Justin also touches on how he prevents himself from feeling the pressure of advancing staff to the floor too quickly… and it’s surprisingly easy to do.