Tipshare. Where does it go?

There are so many laws out there, does anyone actually know where the dollars wind up going at the end of the night? Which side of the spectrum are you on with tips?

After working for years behind bars and serving tables we’ve seen the tip laws change quite a few times over the years and we’ve come to agree with each other that many people don’t understand the legalities of tipping pools. Fortunately Justin Zeytoonian has quite the tipping knowledge considering he’s been operating his BBQ Restaurant, Smokehouse Tailgate Grill for years.

Jae and Noomz wind up knocking heads over the two ways tips get split in a restaurant and where they believe distributions should go. We really highlight the differences between how different types of hospitality businesses run: High volume bars, Restaurants, Pubs, and more. Did you know that managers aren’t legally allowed to take part in your tip pool?