My grandmother always would come back from the bathroom and tell my mother, “you’ve got to see the bathroom”!

Perhaps one of the last thought about spaces within a restaurant’s design plan but a guaranteed stop during a dining experience, we’re jumping into the bathroom today. Justin thought it would be a great idea to record this episode of Waiting on Fries in the bathroom but we quickly realized that bathrooms and echoes go hand in hand. So we quickly opted against this terrible idea.

When it comes to giving guests a lasting impression of your thoughtfulness and cleanliness as an operator the restaurant bathroom is usually one of the top stops on the list. If we told you @barbathroom was an Instagram account would you believe us? People love bathrooms in restaurants and we rarely get to speak about them.

Patrons instantly expect a clean bathroom to be associated to a clean kitchen. “If the space has respect for their bathroom than they definitely keep their kitchen clean as well”, says Jae of his grandmother’s pre-planning visit to the bathroom once seated in a restaurant. Never understanding this phenomenon of judging how intricate tile design is used, what the trims on the wall are made from, or how full the garbage cans in the bathroom are… we’re finally paying attention in large droves.

We cover some of the things you can do to make your guests bathroom experience comparable to a resort experience. One of the problems we see consistently in bathrooms is the neglect of putting a speaker in the ceiling to muffle any sounds and carry out consistency of the rest of the restaurant’s experience.